Professional Bio


Cory Cordes is a credentialed professional animal trainer with a formal education in applied behavior analysis, animal training technology, species-specific ethology, fear and aggression, behavior change programming, client counselling, professional ethics, and critical thinking.


Cory is an honours student of the highly esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers directed by Jean Donaldson, widely considered by industry professionals to be the “Harvard of dog training” because of its academic rigour and performance standards. Additionally, she has graduated two Operant Conditioning Workshops by Bob Bailey, who is unparalleled in the history of this industry having pioneered applying these principles to animals, trained over 140 species totalling over 10, 000 individuals, and worked and consulted for various governmental organizations including the CIA. Cory is proud to offer the standard of care in her services.


She has also studied Equine Behaviour at the University of Guelph, holds a Diploma in Animal Behaviour Technology with honors from CASI, completed the Living and Learning with Animals for Professionals course by Dr. Susan Friedman and the complementary Contemporary Animal Training and Management for Professionals workshop through Natural Encounters.


In an unregulated industry crawling with self-proclaimed experts and detrimental training methods, Cory is passionate about utilizing practical evidence-based behaviour change solutions and provides training methods transparency. She rejects the use of fear, pain, and force to motivate animals, shows much-needed compassion to her clients, and is committed to lifelong professional development.


Cory is a certified dog walker and graduate of the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy, the most well-respected training program available for dog walkers. She is also Pet First Aid Certified by Walks ‘N’ Wags.


Cory lives in Guelph, Ontario and her animal family includes two Mini Aussies, a Mini Pig, two horses, a large pony, two Amazon Parrots, a Cockatoo and an Oscar fish.