Me in 15 Seconds

  • I’m a Credentialed Professional Animal Trainer & a Certified Professional Dog Walker.
  • I’m the founder of Animal Learning Solutions & Ripple’s Romps.
  • I specialize in husbandry training – teaching animals to voluntarily participate in their own daily & veterinary care.
  • I specialize in working with dogs, horses, miniature pigs, & parrots.
  • My mission: to improve the quality of life of animals and people by using & teaching best behaviour change practices.
  • My training methods are based on evidence & positive reinforcement. I never motivate animals with pain, fear or force.
  • I value competence, transparency, compassion & critical thinking.
  • I live in Guelph, Ontario.
  • My family includes two mini aussies, three mini pigs, two horses, a large pony, two amazon parrots, a cockatoo & a fish.

Here’s what I’m doing now.


Want the formal version? Here’s my professional bio.


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