Struggling with your dog's behaviour?

I got you.

Dog behaviour can be stressful, frustrating, and scary. Even heartbreaking sometimes. Your dog is family and you’ll do anything for them. You’ve tried everything. Maybe even a trainer… or two… and got nowhere - or worse. I can improve you and your dog's quality of life with well-orchestrated behaviour change science that works. I'll show you how.

What I can help with

Manners / obedience, coming when called & listening around distractions
Cooperative care including toothbrushing, grooming & vet visits
Puppy socialization
Home soiling & destruction
Pulling on leash, jumping up & mouthing
Fear & anxiety
Aggression & reactivity
And more!

Personalized, Private Dog Training Online

Customized behaviour change plans and exceptional coaching and support. The same quality of sessions you'd receive in person, but in an easy format packed with valuable benefits.


What you get

  • Access to a competent professional who can give you results effectively, efficiently, and humanely from anywhere in Canada
  • Behaviour change made simple with an incremental plan designed specifically for your needs
  • Convenient live sessions from the comfort of your home with the click of a link
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Non-judgemental, savvy coaching every step of the way
  • All the support you need in-between sessions including unlimited video review and feedback
  • A better-behaved, happier pup you can enjoy

    Initial Consult

    All behaviour solutions start with an initial consult. Bring a drink and snacks, if you'd like!

    We'll take a deep dive into your pup's behaviour. I'll also provide you with some immediate relief by addressing your concerns and setting you up with ways to manage your pup's behaviour. Afterwards, I'll provide a written report including my assessment, recommendations, and first steps. And I'll create a custom training package specifically for your goals.

    What's included:

    • 1-1.5 hr consult via Zoom video chat
    • Professional assessment
    • Professional recommendations
    • Written report
    • Relevant resources
    • Email support

    Cost: $240 + hst

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    Custom Training Packages

    We'll meet for live one on one sessions regularly, at least once a week. Show up cozy in your jammies, if you'd like! During these sessions, I'll review your progress, troubleshoot any rough spots, then explain, demo, and coach you through the next piece. I'll also be there for you in between sessions to field questions and concerns.

    For the most value, you can take advantage of unlimited video coaching! This is one of my favourite offerings because although it may not sound very exciting at first, this is actually the way the finest program for dog trainers in the world teaches and hones mechanical training skills. It's thorough and cost effective.

    What's included:

    • Weekly live one on one sessions via Zoom video chat
    • Easy to follow session notes
    • Unlimited video coaching and Q&A

    Cost: $160/hour + hst. Discounted training packages available.

    Ready for relief and results?

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