Gold standard professional training for discerning pup parents

I can make life easier for you & your dog. From manners to fear & aggression, I can transform your dog's behaviour with science-based, humane training.
What I can help with:

Manners/ obedience, coming when called & listening around distractions

Cooperative care including toothbrushing, grooming & vet visits

Puppy socialization

Home soiling & destruction

Pulling on leash, jumping up & mouthing


Fear & anxiety

Aggression & reactivity

And more!

Not your average dog trainer

Credentialed & formally educated


Cory Cordes has a background in applied behaviour analysis, client counseling & in working with a wide variety of species including exotic & wild animals.

Cory is an honours graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers where she earned her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC). The Academy for Dog Trainers is the most comprehensive dog training program in the world & is regarded as the "Harvard for dog trainers" because of its academic rigour & performance standards.

Cory has completed the highly-regarded Living and Learning with Animals for Professionals (LLA) by Dr. Susan Friedman & the complementary Contemporary Animal Training and Management for Professionals by Natural Encounters, Inc.

Cory has trained under Bob Bailey, considered to be the world's most accomplished animal trainer, where she further developed her mechanical training skills.

She is also a Fear Free Certified professional.

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Consumer protection warning:

The dog training industry is currently unregulated. Literally, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. This means that training is often at best ineffective or inefficient, & at worst, detrimental & dangerous. Buyer beware.

Personalized, private in-home dog training

Struggling with your dog's behaviour? I got you.

Dog behaviour can be stressful, draining, frustrating, confusing & scary. Even heartbreaking. Your dog is family & you’ll do anything for them. You’ve tried everything. Maybe even a trainer... or two... and got nowhere, or worse. I can improve your family's quality of life with well-orchestrated behaviour change science that works.

Yes, I'll even train your dog for you!

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Custom behaviour change plans. Effective & efficient training. Exceptional coaching & support.
How it works:
Initial consult

This is the first step. You'll receive:

  • A professional assessment & recommendations
  • A prognosis & investment estimate
  • Some immediate relief by addressing your concerns & setting you up with ways to manage your pup’s behaviour while we get started with training
  • A custom behaviour change plan & training package specifically tailored to your goals, needs & preference
  • A written report

The initial consult can be done in person or virtually.

        Day training
        I train your dog for you

        I’ll come to train your dog in your home or your neighbourhood 2-5x weekly while you’re away, busy, or taking time for yourself. (Or watch, if you’d like!) You get to have most of the work done for you & a more relaxed dog post-visits. Then, we'll have transfer sessions where I’ll show you how to maintain the behaviours your pup learned. Progress reports, reference notes & support included. Better results, faster. Your easy button.

              1on1 coaching
              I coach you how
              We'll meet regularly for live sessions, usually at least once a week, where I'll teach you how to train your dog. They can be done in person or virtually. I'll review your progress, troubleshoot any rough spots, then explain, demo, & coach you through the next piece. You'll receive reference notes & I'll be there for you in between sessions. You can even take advantage of video coaching! Thorough & cost-effective. A trainer in your pocket.
              Competence, transparency & compassion

              Effective & efficient

              A competent professional means more progress per hour, so no time or money is wasted.

              Informed consent

              I will never use pain, fear or force to motivate your dog.


              There's no blaming or shaming, only empathy. Sense of humour & fun-loving personality included!
              My rate
              /hr (CAD) + hst
              Credit cards accepted
              Ready for relief & results?

              Enjoy a well-behaved, happy pup!

              (289) 879 - 2679
              Call: (289) 879 - 2679
              Call: (289) 879 - 2679 | Email:

              Serving clients across York Region, Toronto & surrounding areas, ON. Serving client virtually in Canada.